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Quebec music refers to the diversity of musical styles created, performed and produced in Quebec, a French-speaking province of Canada. It has a rich history and a dynamic music scene that spans several centuries. Quebec music is strongly influenced by the traditions of the French and First Nations peoples who inhabited the region long before the arrival of European settlers.

Some key characteristics of Quebec music include :

  1. Chanson française: The French chanson tradition is deeply rooted in Quebec music. Many Quebec artists write and perform their songs in French, often addressing social, cultural, historical or political themes.
  2. Folk et musique traditionnelle : La musique traditionnelle québécoise est marquée par des instruments tels que le violon, l’accordéon, la guitare et la podorythmie (tapage des pieds). Le « reel » et la « gigue » sont des formes de danse associées à ce genre de musique.
  3. Popular music: Quebec has also produced a wide variety of popular music, including rock, pop, rap, hip-hop and electro. Many Quebec artists have gone on to international renown.
  4. Chansonniers: Chansonniers are artists who usually perform solo, accompanied by their guitar, and who often tell humorous or moving stories through their songs. These intimate performances are popular in cafés, bars and festivals across Quebec.
  5. Committed music : Quebec music has played an important role in the expression of social and political demands. During social movements and periods of change, music has often been used as a means of expressing ideas and rallying people around certain causes.

Notable Quebec artists include Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Céline Dion, Robert Charlebois, Harmonium, Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire, Cœur de pirate, Jean Leloup, Ariane Moffatt, and many others.

In short, Quebec music is a diverse blend of traditions, styles and influences that reflect the unique cultural identity of Canada's French-speaking province. It continues to thrive and renew itself with the emergence of new talent and new musical trends.

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