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Une Critique musicale / A musical critic (Prince Amine – Single Bvlly)


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À propos de l'artiste / About the artist

prince amine

Nom de l'Artiste / Artist Name

Prince Amine


Hip-Hop, R&B

Date de Parution / Release date

janvier 16, 2021

Étiquette de disque / Disc Label

Red Rebel Productions

Biographie / Biography

Prince Amine is a hip hop / R&B artist from Montreal with a sound as unique and diverse as his multicultural background. He was born in Morocco, but spent most of his childhood in Spain with his African American father before moving to Canada when he was 9. As a performer himself, his father shared with him the secrets of the stage and the music of Motown and R&B legends such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Percy Sledge. Even if he was exposed to show business at an early age, Prince Amine’s first love was soccer. He was on the path of a professional career when an injury cut his dream short. Around the same time, he started performing in school shows with his friends and he soon realized that music was in his blood.

Prince Amine began writing songs in his last year of high school. He released his first album, XVIII, on his 18th birthday which created an immediate buzz in the Montreal hip hop scene. Not skipping a beat, he released his second album, Hram Vybez (meaning “sinful vibes”) less than a year later. It was well-received in the United States and climbed to #9 on the NACC National Airplay Hip Hop Chart. That same summer while promoting Hram Vybez in Atlanta, he started writing new songs with a different sound, more soulful and closer to the legends he listened to while adding a modern twist. But success doesn’t come easy and after a series of personal and professional obstacles, what started as an EP became a full concept album entitled Doubted Child. After almost two years of hard work with producer Pierre-Luc Cérat, the album will be released on June 19th 2020.

Known for his charismatic and dynamic stage presence, Prince Amine has opened for international artists such as Young M.A., Dadju, Maitre Gims and Mr. Eazi.

Ma Critique / My Review


Quand je prépare une critique, j’écoute l’album au complet plusieurs fois, plusieurs écoutes sans vraiment porter attention aux détails. La première écoute, on peut facilement admirer le verbe et le ton de la voix de l’artiste. Nous pouvons voir qu’il a fait beaucoup d’efforts à la fin de ses lignes pour donner un rythme à la chanson. Vous n’allez pas avoir de grande variation de voix mais clairement ce n’était pas non plus nécessaire dans le cas de cette chanson.

Pour ajouter des variations, de différents types de tonalité de voix ont été ajoutés, par exemple, une voix du type avec un filtre radio et cela s’appelle une production très propre. Il y a quelques éléments de bouclage qui sont très bien utilisés sans trop entrer dans l’excès. Un bel exemple, il y a un effet de transition efficace à 1 minute 24 qui permet de couper dans le répétitif du bouclage.

Bref, une jolie production avec quelques travaux sur la voix qui montre que Prince Amine est un artiste à surveiller de près.


When I prepare a review, I listen to the whole album several times, several listenings without really paying attention to the details. You can easily admire the verb and tone of voice of the artist. We can see he put a lot of effort at the end of his lines to give the song some rhythm. You’re not going to have a great variation in vocals but clearly that wasn’t necessary in the case of this song either.

To add variations, different types of the tone of voice have been added, for example, a voice of the type with a radio filter and this is called a very clean production. There are a few looping elements that are used very well without going overboard. A good example, there is an effective transition effect at 1 minute 24 which allows to cut in the repetition of the loop.

In short, a nice production with some work on the voice that shows that Prince Amine is an artist to watch closely.

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