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Fast emerging artist, Elli is taking the music scene by storm. With a soulful blend of eclectic influences, his original sound is easy to enjoy and impossible to categorize; and that’s just the way he wants it. Born, Nkruma Kojo Nkuah in Ghana, Africa in 1995, Elli moved at the age of four to Toronto where he began his music education singing, playing drums, bass guitar and keyboards for his local church. Elli comments that he started recording songs in his basement in 2009 and since then has been committed to his art. With both singing and rapping making appearances on his track list, Elli doesn’t pigeonhole himself into any one genre. He considers the craft of music an open-minded pursuit and lets the art take him where it will. 

Ethan "Mr. Music" Horace meet Elliot Nkuah

Hey Elli ! You’ve had a lot going on musically and it seems to be picking up more. You are doing this all from Canada. What is it like for the music scene in Canada and Toronto as far as urban music is concerned? 

A: I’ll be honest with you bro, the music scene out here in Canada is tough. It’s like artists out here don’t want to support each other. Even though I’m making moves and sharing great music it’s still hard to get heard, whether it’s urban music or rap music. But we all know the music scene is competitive so it all makes sense.

Your new EP illuminated has plenty of good vibes and messages on there. Where did the motivation to create this project come from? 
A: I came up with the idea of my ep Illuminated because I had a group of songs in my music vault and they all had one thing in common. They were all uplifting and had positive messages to them. Some would say my music helps them feel free and illuminated, which means to be enlightened. To see life from a different perspective, in a brighter light. 
The COVID 19 pandemic has the world at its grasp right now. Has COVID effected your process of how you do your music? 
A: Covid has not effected the way I create music per say, but it has definitely held me back from doing what I love most being on the stage, singing to my fans.
Me I’m Liberian you give me a West African vibe despite you being in Canada. Did you live in Africa before coming to Canada. 
A: Yes I actually lived in Ghana for 4 years upon arriving in Canada. I actually turned 4 the day we arrived into Canada, my family and I. Even though I live a Canadian lifestyle i can never forget my roots and it’s always nice to add them into my music.
I know how many parents from some West African parents can be when it comes to their child pursuing a career in entertainment yet alone music. How did your parents react to your dreams of music? 

A: like you said West African parents can be kinda discouraging when it comes to music because they feel you need a real job. I took their advice and went to school but that didn’t mean I couldn’t still Persue my dreams, as I still am.

The visuals for the promo on this EP is clean and creates a energy that matches your music . When coming to creativity on the visual side what’s most important to you? 

A: When it comes to creativity on the visual side, the most important thing to me is that the visuals send the same message the music does. It only makes sense . 


You’ve been played on KRAC Radio, iHeartRadio, JioSaavn (Based in India), and multiple other radio stations outside of Toronto. That has to feel good getting recognized on the radio nationally and internationally. As far as locally in Toronto is it hard for artists to get on the radio stations there? 

A: getting on radio stations in Toronto is basically impossible unless you have a large sum of money to pay someone. Atleast that’s what I’ve noticed even with great music.
Now where can everyone find Illuminated to download and stream? 
Illuminated is out on all platforms. That means Spotify, Apple Music, tidal, google play, YouTube and lots more. Just search “Elli illuminated” it always comes up! 
Ethan “Mr. Music” Horace

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