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RPN dusseldorf Germany

en attente


RPN, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Like the representer of Düsseldorf school (Düsseldorfer Schule) style direction in electronic music with it famous artists Kraftwerk, Neu!, DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), Die Krupps, Rheingold, Propaganda, Mouse on Mars etc. his musical style based on use of unconventional structures of deliberately dry, static drum rhythm, which is supported by a synthetic electric bass line as the groove foundation. The basic structure is supplemented by […]

todayjanvier 19, 2021 solo artist germany berlin electro producer dj

en attente is solo artist, producer and DJ Eno Thiemann from Berlin. Finding inspiration in Nordic Singer/Songwriters, Indie Pop, trashy 90s Radio Dance and Electronic Funk, he oscillates between honest, hand-crafted songwriting and the glittering, noise-heavy sphere of electronic music. From sparsely arranged, almost inaudible acoustic songs to massive, itchy dance tracks, you can easily spot’s urge to always explore new ideas and expressions. On stage he thrives with an […]

todayjanvier 18, 2021

Ralf Dee Germany

en attente

Ralf Dee

Ralf Dee is a solo artist from Germany. On his latest single "Regen, Regen komm", you can also hear electronic sounds.

todayjanvier 6, 2021

silverbird singer songwriter pop rock folk

en attente


The roots of Silverbird are widespread and lie somewhere between singer-songwriter, rock, folk, pop and heavy metal. From this diversity the band has created a unique style with a high recognition value. Catchy melodies, expressive power and songs with heart and soul are signature features of the band. The lyrics are about dreams, big emotions, about dayly struggle and longings and tell stories from the journey through life. Initially the […]

todayDécembre 5, 2020

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