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About Radio

Welcome to Krac Radio: your platform dedicated to the promotion of aural art in all its forms and musical styles. Enjoy our selection of streaming music and captivating podcasts.

Our mission is simple: to discover talent from near and far through our streaming music programs and enriching podcasts.

We're a team of enthusiasts, always on the lookout for new discoveries, all the while appreciating the great classics. Join us for a unique musical experience!

History of radio

The story of KracRadio began exactly in the year 2000 in a Quebec town called St-Eustache. The first version was a wimamp web server built in a small 4 1/2. They had broadcasts all over Canada, but due to very high costs and lack of time, we had to shelve the project.

A few years later, we were unfortunately confronted with covid and locked in the house. One of the main activities of the day was taking a shower. That's when the idea of recreating the radio just for fun came back.

In fact, it was to have fun with friends from a distance because of the confinement. Technology has evolved a lot over the years, and today the radio isn't located in Montérégie or Vaudreuil-Dorion, but in the clouds.

The project has delighted the passion of more than one person and has grown since its inception in May 2020. We're beginning to have a large community and we hope our musical style will appeal to a global audience.

We've added a magazine to help artists promote their music for free, and we've also launched a community to help collaborate and promote this beautiful art.

In short, I think you'll be able to enjoy these DJ's and all the artists who paint this radio station so beautifully.

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