YVARD - French rock artist

todayAugust 7, 2023


Alice In Chains and Noir Désir had a kid together: his name is Yvard.
The "electrico" duo from Bordeaux, formed by David Thurisaz (vocals, guitar) and Kris Yera (bass, samples), carve out a French-language rock that brings out the rough edges of our times.

Punchy rock from the 90s alternative scene. YVARD combines the aggressiveness of grunge with a sophisticated 2.0 electronic touch. A subtle blend of analog and digital is the hallmark of the combo's musical identity.

Authentic, viscerally poetic phrasing, intoxicating riffs and raw vocals combine to make YVARD's "heart and soul" beat. A committed, disillusioned vision of our times, imbued with a certain darkness... but "tritely" realistic.

Written by: KracRadio

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